Investigative Support Services

After consultation with you our client; we conduct investigations into companies and individuals identified through our intelligence gathering networks or previously recommended to you for sample purchase. We also conduct a variety of other investigative services. We just know how to do it - we are trained ex police detectives.

Some of the services we offer:

Sample purchases. Following up on intelligence leads we can conduct sample buys of your suspected products; have them delivered to a safe location and onship to your testing center or we can conduct the forensic testing using our Forensic Services and using our own facilities.

We investigate suspect traders leading to a 'face to face' meeting where evidence is gained and introductions can be made with undercover Law Enforcment officers once a complaint has been substantiated.

We offer a full internet research capability. Give us a persons name, company name, phone number and we will research the data for linkages and known connections to other organizations and possible illicit online traders.

In brief if you or your company have a problem, hand the problem over to us and we will solve it.

We have the ability to conduct this research and investigations in most countries worldwide.

Dan Murdoch Risk Services can investigate your specific problem globally and our operatives in Asia and Australia are experienced in correct evidence gathering procedures and are aware of the complex skills required to ensure that the integrity of a company is never placed in doubt.

Loss of corporate integrity = Loss of corporate revenue


  • Consultation in Developing a Corporate Strategy for Brand Protection
  • The planning and coordination of a corporate strategy for brand protection. There are many considerations that go into a corporate brand protection strategy including, (but not limited to) the packaging designs, specifications for materials, distribution, markets, availability of certain types of technology within the market and manufacture's capabilities either with outsourced manufactures or in-house manufacturing.

    Often businesses will react to their first experience of counterfeit products and implement a technology that they are told will solve the problem. While this may be partially true in some cases, it normally is a "temporary fix" and the problem soon returns and even grows.

    Putting together a corporate strategy designed to be proactive in brand protection has far greater long lasting deterrent benefits. Our Forensic Team has experience in working with brand owners to develop short-term and long-term strategies to protect the integrity of our clients' products.

  • China Co-Operative Service with Public Security
  • Our Forensic Team has developed a long-standing relationship with the Public Security Bureau (National Police) in China. Our Forensic Team consulted on the development of China's first e-Passport working with the First Research Institute in Beijing as well as the Public Security in planning and developing some of the security technology that will be a part of the new e-Passport.

    Our Forensic Team has entered into a co-operative relationship with the Shenzhen Resident ID Bureau, part of the Public Security Shenzhen where the capabilities and services of the FSL have been duplicated in an effort to provide co-operation in the investigation of counterfeit products coming out of China.

    This will allow our Forensic Team and our clients to utilize this resource in China (if deemed necessary) and to be able to evaluate counterfeit products without having to export the product out of China. It will also provide support in investigations of counterfeit product being manufactured in China. It should be clearly stated that there is no obligation on our part to utilize this co-operative relationship but it is there if we choose to use it.

  • Consulting & Planning - A Proactive Brand Protection Program
  • Our Forensic Team will advise and help develop a corporate short-term and long-term strategy for a brand protection program that will be targeted toward all facets of brand protection including front end planning with security packaging specifications, setting up signature security in the program, dissemination of public security information; as well as back end investigations supported with forensics aimed to go after the counterfeiters legally and minimize losses for our clients.

    Our Forensic Team will provide consulting services on security packaging technologies, designs and work with our client's manufacturers to implement recommended designs and technologies. Our Forensic Team has had extensive experience in the specification development for security products and design characteristics including clients such as Cisco, Microsoft and AMD.

    Our Forensic Team will work with marketing teams and any other group designated by our clients to assure that any corporate design features are followed when implementing the security technologies and brand protection program.

    Additional Consulting Services:

  • Evaluate Proposals and Technology
  • Our Forensic Team provides services to our clients in the area of proposal evaluation. There are many companies who have entered into the counterfeit deterrent market simply due to the business potential. Unfortunately, many do not have strong technology solutions and fail to understand the level of sophistication that counterfeiters have obtained.

    Our Forensic Team provides the assurance that proposals for deterrent technology are scrutinized from an independent and experienced point of view.

    Our evaluations are unbiased and provide our clients with relevant information that might not be brought to the forefront in the actual submission. Our evaluations are based on reviewing counterfeit deterrent technology and assessing it in several areas including: sources for similar technology, effectiveness of the technology for any given application, exposure risk analysis based on the region where the technology will be implemented, ease of implementation, potential compatibility issues as well as many other factors.

    This minimizes the chances of our clients adopting or investing in technology that offers minimal returns.

  • Reverse Engineering of Technology
  • Our Forensic Team offers services of reverse engineering technology. This type of service has been provided to our clients in the past where investments of a significant size were required to implement a particular technology under consideration.

    Our Forensic Team provides services to our clients whereby attempts are made to reverse engineer the product or technology. This effort is dependent upon the budget set by the client but often even a minimal budget will provide very useful information in making decisions about the value and benefit of a particular technology.

  • Technology - Monitoring
  • Our Forensic Team would provide continuous services to you our client on the basis of updates and presentations on what technologies are compatible and suited to strong deterrence for the future.

  • Vendor Support & Quality Training
  • Our Forensic Team provides service and support to clients who manufacture product in the Asian Region. This service varies and is dependent upon the type of manufacturing and deterrent technology being utilized by our client. There are many times when a very desirable security technology has constraints to implementation due to the methodology used in manufacturing at an OEM or contract manufacturer's facility.

    Our services include support for our clients in a variety of ways including: assisting the vendor or clients' factory in implementing security technology, monitoring of quality procedures for applying security technology, setting up accountability methods for defective product and accountability for spoiled security product etc.

    The benefit this brings to our clients is the creation of increased "awareness" on the part of the manufacturer. They realize that they are accountable for proper implementation and the ongoing efforts of a good security program.

  • Vendor Monitoring & Field Audits
  • Our Forensic Team can perform field audits on your vendors and/or factories and your company's warehouses etc. as requested by. Once security technology and controlled materials are implemented in the field, there will need to be accountability programs set up to assure that all controlled materials are accounted for properly.

    Our Forensic Team can assist and/or write procedures for your company, receiving and handling of any security product that is damaged in the process of application. Additionally, Our Forensic Team can make recommendations and help to implement proper storage facilities specifying the minimum requirements for storage of controlled materials in your factories.

  • Custom Developments
  • Our Forensic Team provides services of custom development of counterfeit deterrent technology. Applications have been completed based on specific project needs. While this service is offered, it cannot be guaranteed and is dependent upon many factors. Our Forensic Team will discuss any requests in full detail and offer project specific recommendations and quotations.

  • Forensic Evaluations
  • OUR FORENSIC TEAM provides support services and analysis in support of investigations involving counterfeit product via the Forensic Lab Services (FSL). This work is focused on forensic comparison and analysis of suspicious product and counterfeit product packaging including technologies utilized by the counterfeiters.

    Evaluations of this type are based upon our investigations as well as recommended investigations (approved by you) by our intelligence teams. We will photograph, catalog and provide forensic evidence that can be used in bringing criminal action against counterfeiters.

  • Counterfeit Investigative Raids
  • We also offer Investigator support for raids on counterfeit rings. This work is offered in support and provides expert testimony on the equipment found at the counterfeiter's premises.

    Reports with photographs and detailed analysis of the capabilities of the equipment are provided. The support work is limited to these areas and does not include actual participation in raids or work associated with the local police attempts to break up the counterfeiting ring.

    Our team would gather physical evidence in support of prosecution attempts that your company may want to bring against the counterfeiters. In cases within China, support can be brought in from our contacts within the Public Security Bureau.

    We have relationships with companies that specialize in this segment of the industry and could coordinate this part of the program for you. These companies work with major brand owners to bring legal action and prosecute people engaged in the theft of Intellectual Property.

    We provide support services and analysis in support of investigations involving counterfeit product via the Forensic Lab Services (FSL). This work is focused on forensic comparison and analysis of suspicious product and counterfeit product packaging including technologies utilized by the counterfeiters. Evaluations of this type are based upon our investigations as well as recommended investigations (approved by you) or by our intelligence and investigations teams.

    We will photograph, catalog and provide forensic evidence that can be used in bringing criminal action against counterfeiters.


    If you have a problem whether it is offline or online we proactively research using our research methodology and tools to give you an answer.

    e.g. Your company needs to find current export data from one country to another for yiour key at risk product - we can assist.

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