Dan Murdoch Risk Services (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is a company registered in Thailand and is the operational division of Dan Murdoch Risk Services (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
Services offered fall into two broad areas and are labelled as Intelligence and Investigations.
While our geographical areas of operation are Asia wide and Australia we conduct enquiries worldwide using our own staff and trusted associates.

Dan Murdoch Risk Services (Thailand) Co. Ltd. staff are trained detectives and intelligence analysts who use both objective and subjective thinking to gather online data and intelligence for many Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Our facilities also offer a premier and innovative investigative consultancy in all areas of corporate and personal requirement. We link our services to a reactive and proactive brand protection forensic capability.

We are consultants to pharmaceutical, software and electronic companies worldwide on intelligence, investigative and intellectual property protection matters.
- Internet product monitoring by trained analysts
- Intelligence analysts
- Worldwide Intellectual Property investigations
- Business Intelligence background checks
- Thoughtful Online Research
- Risk Management
- Internet Systems Administrators
- Office 365 SharePoint setup and administration management
- Covert setup of pretext companies worldwide
- Covert website development
- Anonymous domain name registration and hosting services
- Anonymous VPN internet access for our clients and the industry
- Undercover operations worldwide
- Security assessments
Dan Murdoch Risk Services will be the preferred company of choice for online intelligence, investigative consultancy, brand protection and business intelligence advice within Australia, Thailand and S.E. Asia offering beneficial solutions for all corporate and personal problems.
Dan Murdoch Risk Services will offer and deliver to the corporate world and general public a complete range of business services from intelligence strategies and a true investigative consultancy to proactive solutions and risk management strategies for internal and external problems facing companies and individuals within Australia, Thailand, Asia and worldwide.
We offer a unique range of specialized services to our selected clients.

These services are positioned to reach the corporate world and the individual alike in a number of areas from ONLINE INTELLIGENCE AND DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS to a truly boutique style of INVESTIGATIVE CONSULTANCY for the private sector not just in Australia and S.E. Asia but truly worldwide.

Online Intelligence Data Collection and Analysis
Unique manual online intelligence monitoring service. Intelligent intelligence protecting your products and company online. All data collected is secured and displayed within a SharePoint environment for access 24/7 with corporate visual presentations linked to the raw data collected.

Methods used include engagement with illicit resellers, traditional intelligence methods, manual scanning of B2B sites together with Chinese language monitoring.
Ask for personal access to our various demonstration SharePoint sites.

Intellectual Property Protection
Many global Fortune 500 companies leave their trademark, copyright and intellectual property protection in our hands. Such companies in the pharmaceuetical, software and electronic industries trust us to protect them with our intelligence and investigative consultancy.

Online Investigations
Dan Murdoch Risk Services has set the 'industry standard' in online investigations conducting research and pretext engagement leading to undercover investigations and evidence collection.

Business Intelligence and Research
Background checks conducted in Thailand and throughout S.E. Asia and Australia. See full details on our Services in detail page.

Office 365 SharePoint Development
Experts in the setup and management of cloud computer services for law enforcement and private companies such as Office 365 and SharePoint administration and management.

Anonymous Domain Name Registration
Registration of anonymous domain names for our clients, law enforcement, security and investigation consultants worldwide.

Anonymous Website Hosting
Hosting of pretext and websites anonymously only for our clients and industry personnel.

Covert Pretext Setups for Police and Investigative services worldwide
Setup of a complete pretext facility such as pretext website construction, hosting, business address and locations services.

Covert Website Design
Design and building a website to your required specifications.

Anonymous VPN and high end Proxy facility
Login to our servers from any country by any device including iphone, ipad other mobile devices and laptops. Travelling to such countries as China, middle eastern countries using the VPN service gives you secure access to all your data and online internet content without restriction.
Head Office:
Bangkok Thailand.
Mail to
P.O. Box 37
Yannawa, 10120
Bangkok, Thailand.
Hong Kong:
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Please contact Head Office (Thailand).
Please contact Head Office (Thailand).
Please contact Head Office (Thailand).